Difference Between Mini ITX vs. Micro ATX


Main Difference

The small kind components motherboards have two foremost courses known as the mini ITX and the micro ATX. These are the two important motherboards which could be discovered throughout the small which could be utilized in small pc techniques. Both ATX and ITX, as a motherboard, are properly outfitted with the distinctive choices which could be necessary for working a computer. The time interval of the small kind problem motherboard is kind of frequent used main for any motherboard that is obtainable beneath a specific dimension. The utilization of these sorts of motherboards might be observed in these styles of computer devices which are smaller than that of a laptop computer pc and because of this reality, they are not the same old pc techniques the least bit. This is the important thing trigger that you can see their immense employment throughout the non-standard pc techniques and computing devices such as a result of the small or handheld pc techniques together with the favored capsule that makes use of a number of these motherboards as properly. It is an actual undeniable fact that with the intention to make a smaller computer, need of a smaller motherboard for which these motherboards are supreme. The foremost variations between Mini ITX and Micro ATX are confirmed beneath.The important motive behind the creation of the micro ATX kind problem motherboard is to supply the equivalent functionality to the small dimension computer with lower power consumption which a much bigger ATX kind problem motherboard is giving to a typical dimension computer. The Mini ITX kind problem motherboard, on the other facet, is smaller than that of the micro ATX kind problem motherboard. It requires even a lot much less power that that of the micro ATX. The choices of the mini ITX kind problem motherboards is decrease than the micro ATX and ATX motherboards. The most dimension of the micro ATX most that is obtainable on the market as of late is 9.6 inches by 9.6 inches, nonetheless the same old obtainable dimension of the Mini ITX is barely 6.7 inches by 6.7 inches. The foremost between the micro ATX and mini ITX is the attribute of the expandability. The micro ATX motherboard is able to current you four slots for enlargement taking part in playing cards, nonetheless throughout the Mini ITX motherboards, you may discover only one slot for a similar operate. The pc techniques which have the Mini ITX motherboards are often not in a necessity of as many followers to keep up it cool as compared with completely different pc techniques.


What is Mini ITX?

The dimension of every mini ITX motherboard is customary and mounted that is composed of the 170 mm. x 170 mm and 6.7 inches by 6.7 in inches. As the title implies, the mini ITX kind problem motherboards have small dimension as compared with others and it needs low power for working. These are produced and developed by the properly well-known agency of the VIA Technologies for the very first time in November, 2001 nonetheless as of late, the Intel and AMD are moreover manufacturing these sorts of motherboard as properly. The prime operate behind the manufacturing and designing of these types of motherboards is to help the low-cost pc techniques which could be utilized in small areas like autos, set-up bins, and neighborhood devices. The foremost advantages of the Mini ITX pc techniques are their dimension which is small, low noise, and a lot much less power maintenance and thus, supreme for small pc techniques.


What is Micro ATX?

The micro ATX kind problem motherboards ware come on the market throughout the 12 months of 1997. The dimension of a number of these motherboards is far much less the same old ones nonetheless higher than that of the mini ITX notably in specification. The obtainable sizes of the micro ATX are three known as the same old, minimal and most. The customary dimension micro ATX motherboards could be present in 305 mm. x 244 mm. or 12 inches x 9.6 inches dimensions. The minimal dimension fashions have the 171.45 mm. x 171.45 mm. or 6.9 inches x 6.9 inches, and the utmost dimension ATX motherboards might be obtained throughout the sizes of 244 mm. x 244 mm. or 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches. These types of motherboards are able to help the CPUs made by the VIA, Intel, or AMD. They are properly furnished with four PCI or PCI Express enlargement slots and comprise a full fluctuate of built-in peripherals which could be obtainable within the ordinary dimension motherboards such as a result of the audio, graphics, and Ethernet.


Key Differences

  1. The dimension of the micro ATX motherboards is significantly bigger than that of the micro-ATX.
  2. The micro ATX motherboards might be obtained in three sizes known as the same old, most, and minimal. The mini ITX motherboards could be discovered solely in a single dimension.
  3. Unlike the mini ITX motherboards, the micro ATX motherboards are the right substitutes for the full-size ATX motherboards.
  4. The mini ITX takes a lot much less power than that of the micro ATX.

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