micro SD vs. micro SDHC vs. micro SDXC: What's the Difference?

Key Difference

The memory cards often referred as the Secure Digital Cards or the SD Cards are used as the secondary storage devices for the portable devices like mobile, computers and digital cameras. With the advancement in technology, there are various types of the memory cards which are mainly different from each other in terms of the storage capacity and the data transfer rate from one device to the other one. The first generation of the Secure Digital Memory Card is known as the Micro SD card; it comes up with the maximum storage of 2GB. The Micro SD were followed up by the Micro SDHC after people eyed to have more storage capacity. The Micro SDHC device, abbreviated as Secure Digital High Capacity gives up the storage capacity of 4GB up to 32 GB. The latest to join the squad is Micro SDXC card, which is abbreviated as Secure Digital Extended Capacity. It can give from 32GB up to 200GB space and has a potential 2GB of space.


Comparison Chart

micro SD micro SDHC micro SDXC
Abbreviation Secure Digital Secure Digital High Capacity Secure Digital Extended Capacity
Storage up to 2GB 4GB to 32GB 32GB to 200GB
Transfer Rate 25MB/s 50MB/s up to 150MB/s 312MB/s
File System FAT12, FAT16 or FAT16B FAT32 exFat

What is micro SD?

The Micro SD abbreviated as the Secure Digital card is the first generation memory card which was brought in to enhance the user experience along with the Multi Media Card (MMC) standard. After the user’s perfect response to the SD cards; mini and micro SD cards got popular across the globe as they add up some extra storage to the limited storage space devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and GPS Navigation devices. At the time when Micro SD arrived no other compatible storage devices were available for the common use; but this arrival paved the path for the user to store more and more data in the limited storage devices available out there. As the micro SD gives up to a maximum storage of 2GB, which made it easy for the users to store videos, photos and simple applications in it.  The Micro SD card comes in the standard size of 11mm by 15mm and is capable of giving maximum transfer rate around 25MB/s.


What is micro SDHC?

The Micro SDHC, abbreviated as Secure Digital High Capacity Card followed up the Micro SD card, which came up with storage up to 2GB. It won’t be wrong to say that the advancement of technology and user’s preference opened up the gate in the advancement for this particular device. It comes in the same standard size as of the SD card and performs quite the similar functions like it. The difference between them is just because of the increased storage and higher transfer rate. As the addition of ‘HC’ in the word SD denotes the high capacity; this card gives the storage from 4GB up to 32GB.  The older host devices which supported SD cards weren’t supportive with the SDHC as it comprised on the FAT32 pre-formatted system. It will be pertinent to mention here that Micro SD has the format of FAT12, FAT16 or FAT16B. In easier words, we can say that you can’t use your SDHC card in the older device that only supports Micro SD, but you can use the SD card in the device that is compatible to run the Micro SDHC card.

What is micro SDXC?

The latest of all the Micro SD cards is the Micro SDXC hat gives the storage space from 32GB to the 200GB (potentially at 2TB). The SDXC is abbreviated as the Secure Digital Extended Capacity; it comes up with the highest storage among all other SD cards and also has the fastest data transfer speed. It has quite the similar size as of other Micro SD cards, but its storage and transfer rate makes it quite more efficient amid others. Normally, the Micro SDXC cards are used by the different companies or the users which aim to store huge data in it. The Micro SDXC has a transfer speed of 50MB/s and up to 312MB/s. It will be relevant to mention here that the transfer speed depends on the version of the Micro SDXC; if it is the UHS-1 3.0 version it supports 104MB/s transfer speed and if it is 4.0 with a UHS-2 than it is even compatible of delivering 312MB/s.

micro SD vs. micro SDHC vs. micro SDXC

  • The Micro SD is abbreviated as the Secure Digital. On the other hand, Micro SDHC stands for the Secure Digital High Capacity. The Micro SDXC stands for the Secure Digital Extended Capacity.
  • The Micro SD gives up 2GB of the storage space, whereas the Micro SDHC gives up the storage space ranging in between 4GB to 32GB. The Micro SDXC is the latest and the most powerful out of them as it can give space of around 32GB to 200GB.
  • The transfer rate of Micro SD card is 25MB/s, and the transfer rate of Micro SDHC is in between the 50MB/s up to 150MB/s.  Micro SDXC leaves both them behind and has the potential speed up to 312MB/s, starting from 50MB/s.
  • In Micro SD is based on the FAT12, FAT16 or FAT16B file system. The Micro SDHC is based on the FAT32 file system. In Micro SDXC, exFat is used in the file system.

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