Difference Between Love and Lust

Main Difference

The difference between love and lust is that love is intense and pure feelings for someone whereas lust is just the desire of physical relationship with another person.

Love vs. Lust

There are types of relationships, the relationship you have with your parents and your siblings that is a relation of blood, then the relationship you made with your own choice with a person that is not a blood relation. If we talk about blood relations, there is only love in these relations. What is love? Love is a pure form of care and intense feeling for someone you love. Your God loves you, and then your parents love you, these are the purest form of love. Your parents love you with all their heart because they do not desire anything from you. If we talk about lust, lust is not loved. Lust means that you have a sexual desire for a person. Lust is not pure, love is forever, and lust is for a small time span.

Comparison Chart

MeaningLove is intense and pure feelings for someoneLust is just the desire of physical relationship with another person.
FocusIn love, you focus on the person inner beauty.In lust, you only focus on looks of the person.
ConversationsYou have an in-depth conversation with the person you love.You talk about sexual desire.
AttractionNo physical attractionJust physical attraction

What is Love?

The term ‘love’ is complicated to explain, when a person cares for someone without any personal means this is called love. Love is not just being is someone you always wanted to be with. Two types of relations are blood relations and relationships with people who are not your blood relatives. Love in blood relations is natural and no matter what this love is purest. You can support each other, stick with each other through tuff times. If we talk about the love that is unconditional, the love of our parents for us is unconditional. They love us with all their heart; they do not desire anything from us they want us to be happy and prosperous in our life this is a pure form of love that cannot be found in this world. We all marry the one we love; marriage is a real relationship. The person whom you married, live with you forever. The person who love you will love you for who you are in real; you don’t have to be fake in front of the person you love. They will have long conversations with you. The person who loves you will never judge you and will support you always.

What is Lust?

Lust is just the desire of sexual relation. Love and passion are totally different things. You can never find happiness in lust you find pleasure in lust. In lust, a person sees the looks and features of another person. Physical attraction is lust, physical attraction just for some time and it does not last forever. Looks and features of the person changes and people should not fall for looks and features of the person. When you see someone and start getting attracted by that person physical appearance, this is lust. Physical attraction means you are sexually attracted to that person.

Followings are signs that there is love, not lust:

  • He or she will help you and support you in every way.
  • He or she will be interested in your family.
  • He or she tries to understand you.
  • He or she do not judge you.
  • He or she stays with you in bad days
  • You feel like family with the one you love.

Key Differences

  1. Love is intense and pure feelings for someone. Lust is just the desire of physical relationship with another person.
  2. When you are in love, you want the relationship to last forever whereas lust is just for sexual desires.
  3. In love, you focus on the person inner beauty. In lust, you only focus on looks of the person.
  4. In love, people don’t judge each other whereas lust is all about judging each other.


In this article above we saw the clear difference between love and lust, love is the best feeling in this world, and if you are loved my people, you should consider yourself to be blessed. You should understand the fine line between love and lust.

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