Difference Between Hips and Waist


Primary Difference

Both Waist and hips are parts of our physique. They are adjacent together and are connect to each other, but they are dissimilar, particularly in females. Hips are made up of fats and they have muscles, but, they are basically made up of bones. The significant feature of our hips is the joint which attaches the upper part of our legs with our pelvis. On the other side, our waist doesn’t have any definite bone in it. Relatively, it is the part between the lowermost of our ribcage and the upper part of our pelvis, and it is made of muscle, fat and other internal body part. Hips have a particular purpose, to assist leg activities such as running, cowering, walking, running. Our waist doesn’t have any particular objective, but it delivers back steadiness through our intestinal muscles and make available a room for our organs to be located in and for our body to stock additional fat.

Comparison Chart

The joints to the upper portion of the legs whileLower part of the ribcage and is in between hips and ribs
Made up of muscles and fats and their internal part is made of bonesMade of fats, muscles and their internal part is made up of internal body organs.
Help in movementHelp in holding back
Provide balanceDoes not maintain equilibrium

Definition of Hips

The hip section is positioned sideways and anterior to the gluteal area that is the buttocks, lower to the iliac crest, and spread over the surface of the larger trochanter of the femur, or commonly known as the “thigh bone”. In grown-ups, three of the pelvis bones have bonded into the hip bone or acetabulum which makes portion of the hip area. The joint of the hip is scientifically denoted to as the acetabulofemoral which is the joint amid the femur and acetabulum of the pelvis and the chief function is to upkeep the burden of the body in conditions whether stable or moving like standing or sitting or walking or running respectively. The hips are the utmost vital portion in holding equilibrium. Women incline to have broader hips than males as of their broader pelvises. This demonstrates the pelvises, essential part in the figure of the hips. Females’ hips are consider as larger than the hips of the males.


Definition of Waist

The waist is the area of the stomach amid the rib cage and buttocks. People with slender figures, their waists are the slimmest part of the upper body. The waistline denotes to the straight line from where the waist is narrowest, or to the overall look of the waist. This is the reason that pupils often get jumbled as to differentiate among hips and the waist and to locate exactly from where the waist starts and ends. One more perplexing feature is that the waist varies in different persons. To trace the usual waistline, an individual need simply to stand straight and then lean over to the sideways, positioning the hips and legs straight. Where the upper body crinkles is the regular waistline. Men incline to have bigger waists than females. This is mainly correct for people who have excess fats in body, as males are likely to have excessive fat on their waistline whereas, females have excess layers of fats on their chests, hips and buttocks.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Hips are the joints to the upper portion of the legs while, waist are lower part of the ribcage and is in between hips and ribs.
  2. Hips carry body weight either in the moving or static position while, waist doesn’t carry any body balance.
  3. Hip bones help in the body movement like walking, running, or jumping whereas, waist is not responsible for any such movements.
  4. Hips of the women are wider than males, while females have smaller waists than men.
  5. Hips of the men are smaller or equal size of waist because they don’t have excessive fat stock on them, but, females have wider hips or buttocks as they have layers of extra fats on them
  6. Hips are made up of muscles and fats and their internal part is made of bones, while, waist is made of fats, muscles and their internal part is made up of internal body organs.
  7. Hips have particular and specific objective while waist, waist does not have any particular targets or aims.
  8. Hips are the wider portion at the back of the body whereas; waist is a narrow point in between the ribs and buttocks.
  9. Body cannot be balanced without hips, while, there is no such case for waist that is waist is not responsible for any such thing like maintaining body equilibrium etc.


There is marked difference between the two parts of body and anyone who has a general idea of human body will know what they mean. But if you need to get a clearer idea of the specifications and what their function is, then this article will help you achieve that task in a simple manner.

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