Difference Between Plotter and Printer


Main Difference

A plotter is the type of printer that takes directions from the computer and then makes drawings on the paper with the help of various pens. On the alternative hand, a printer is the system associated to the computer that helps with the precise imaging of textual content material and pictures on paper.


Comparison Chart

Basis of DistinctionPlotterPrinter
DefinitionSeveral needles are part of the system which draw the image as seen.Takes the picture of the image and then copies immediately as seen.
TypeOnly provides with picturesDeals with pictures and textual content material.
OutputThe output is inside the format of pixels or bitmap format.The output of a plotter always is obtainable in vector graphic format.
ToolsA pen or a number of kinds of knives to offer kind to the image.Either makes use of a needle or a pen to print the doc.


The chief attribute of this method is that it attracts regular strains which may be degree to degree and come immediately from the file command contained in the graphics. The prices of such devices are increased than others because of the troublesome building. In temporary, a plotter helps with drawings better than textual content material and attributable to this truth takes additional time to complete the processes working. Rather than toner, plotters profit from a pen, pencil, marker, or one different composition system to draw fairly a couple of, fixed strains onto paper as a substitute of a improvement of speaks like a standard printer. Plotters are utilized to create a printed copy of schematics and completely different comparative features. Pen plotters print by transferring a pen or completely different instrument over the ground of just a little little bit of paper. This movement implies plotters are vector illustrations gadgets, versus raster illustration as with fully completely different printers. Pen plotters can draw superior line artistry, along with content material materials, however do as such steadily considering the mechanical development of the pens. They can print on a wide range of provides along with plywood, aluminum, sheet metallic, cardboard, and plastic. Pen plotters have become outdated, and have been ousted by big group which now use inkjet printers and LED toner based totally printers.



In simple phrases, a printer is such a instrument that takes an enter resembling textual content material, pictures and completely different codecs from the computer and then reveals as output on a little bit of paper which have an atypical. They have many types and each has their makes use of and prices attributable to this truth, one mounted class is unimaginable. These printers are designed for low-volume, short-turnaround print employments, requiring negligible setup time to create a paper copy of a given report. Nonetheless, they’re simple devices ranging from 6 to spherical 25 pages for every second (ppm), and the payment per net web page could be extreme. The distinction for them comes as affect a non-impact printers the place the tactic of accepting the output differs. The first variety makes use of pins or needles to variety the phrase as a result of it comes from the computer, whereas the latter merely mirrors the file and then reveals it on the sheet. Some of the first types are the dot matrix printer which has low value, and ink jet printer which is commonly used at the moment.


Key Differences

  • Plotter always provides with drawing pictures on pages with the help of computer connection. On the alternative hand, printer creates copies of textual content material and pictures with the help of an net connection.
  • The output of a printer principally is inside the format of pixels or bitmap format, then once more, the output of a plotter always is obtainable in vector graphic format.
  • Continuous strains exist in a plotter that helps to create pictures and strains at a faster velocity, on the alternative such companies are extinct inside a printer which makes use of imaging and laser.
  • A Plotter always has a pen or a number of kinds of knives to offer kind to the image drawn, then once more, a printer each makes use of a needle or a pen to get the job accomplished with none restrictions.
  • The velocity of a printer is means better than the speed of a plotter.