Difference Between Onion and Shallot


Main Difference

For a person who does not know about the specifications, it can get tough to tell the difference between onions and shallots. They both were considered different species before but now shallots are considered as another type of onion, and the only difference is in the appearance where shallots are smaller in comparison to onions and less pungent.


Comparison Chart

Basis of DistinctionOnionShallot
DifferenceThey were known by the species name of Allium cepaThey were considered a separate family before and were called Allium ascalonicum.
AppearanceThey are round in shape and bigger in size.They are more irregular in shape and have a smaller look.
ColorThey are mostly found in yellow and red color.They are mostly found in red color.
CaloriesHave around 40 caloriesHave around 72 calories.
NutritionHave more fiber in them.Have more anti-oxidants in them
BenefitsHelps in lowering the blood pressure of a human being.Helps in reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol level.
ContentsHave less amount of carbohydrate and protein.Have more amount of carbohydrate and protein.


Onion is one of the most famous and perhaps the most common vegetable that is used around the world for eating purposes. It has been grown for centuries around the world, but their origin is not known. In different parts, they are known by various names, but the appearance is the same throughout. The plant on which onions grow is a hollow bluish in color species, and the stem begins to swell during different parts of the day. In the autumn season, the leaves die, and that is the time of year when they can be collected from trees and are ready to be utilized. They can be eaten in various forms, you can serve them as part of a salad, they are mostly preferred in burgers and other junk foods, while they are also considered an important part of healthy foods. They do not have to be cooked in all the forms but are consumed raw as well. They are produced in abundance around the world especially in China and the United States. The best quality about them is that they can be stored at room temperature and can stay there for a long time without changing their appearance and taste. They are also useful against several diseases and considered one of the healthiest food around the world. They have different layers once cut and give irritation in the eye if they are not washed properly, but that is the sign of their usability as well. It has many other uses as well and is mostly famous in Asian countries where it becomes an important part of daily food intake.



Most people do confuse shallots with onions, but that is not the case, although they may look similar in appearance there are some distinct features that make them different. It is a type of onion that is different in shape and milder in taste. In the past, they were categorized as a different species known as Allium Ascalonicum, but now they are considered just another type of onion. The thing about them is their looks they are smaller in size as compared to others but have longer bulbs on top which are not that common in others. They are also considered less pungent as compared to regular ones, and that is why people prefer them for salads. The another thing about them is the nutrition, they have more fibers in them, while some proteins and carbohydrates are also more. When it comes to calories, they have almost double the number of calories, which is around 72. They have many benefits since the amount of fiber is more, they can help in decreasing the amount of blood pressure in human beings. They are also helpful in comparison for lowering the cholesterol level. It is very easy to replace onions with them since people will not be able to tell the difference between the taste and the looks. Shallots can also be used in many recipes and since they are less irritating in taste and smell people from all parts of the world prefer cooking them for a better taste.

Key Differences

  • Onions are larger in size and have a round shape while shallots are smaller in size with a long bulb on the top.
  • Onions can be found in yellow and red colors while the primary color of shallots is always reddish.
  • Onions are higher in fiber while shallots are high in anti-oxidants.
  • There is more amount of carbohydrates and proteins in shallots as compared to onions.
  • A number of calories in an onion is around 40 while a number of calories in a shallot is double the amount and is around 72.
  • Onions are produced in the United States in large quantities while shallots are not produced on their own and are mostly imported from other parts of the world.
  • Onions have a more irritating effect on the eye and are pungent while shallots are less irritating and pungent in comparison.
  • Onions have originated from Central Asia while shallots are mostly produced in South Asia.

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