Difference Between Crush and Love


Main Difference

The main difference between Crush and Love is that Crush is a brief obsession for an unknown person, which lasts after some months, whereas love is a deep feeling of understanding, sacrifices, care, and forgiveness.

Crush vs. Love

Crush is a shallow short-term relationship, while love is a sincere and deep relationship that is long-lasting. Crush is named as love at first sight; the emotions are instant, whereas love feelings take time to develop.

Crush means irritation, stalking, and wear out of a person; on the other hand, love is kind, affection, generous, caring, compassionate, and heals a person. Crush breaks out at a clash, and love forgives a mistake. Crushes forget after sometimes; on the flip side, love is not easy to forget; it remains alive somewhere in the heart.


Crushes attract towards the body, figures, and physical status of a person, while love is a deep feeling of affection for the soul. Crush is any person that is unknown and unattended, whereas love is for a person about which we know everything.

Crush is always one-sided, while love is two-sided. Crushes grow with sexual desires; on the contrary, love starts with trust and grows with friendships. Crush is not a mature relationship, whereas love is a mature relationship. Crush is just about daydreaming; on the other hand, love is more beautiful than dreams.

Comparison Chart

Crush is an attraction towards a person.Love is a deep feeling of affection.
Comes on fastGrows slowly
Short termLong term
IrrationalNot irrational
Physical attributesDeep connection
LessAlways understanding
Innocent form of lustVirtue
Face, body, styleSoul
Not necessaryShares chemistry
Can forget after monthsNot forgettable
Does not stop watching pornStop watching porn
DaydreamingMore beautiful than a dream
UnknownKnow every good and bad thing
No sacrificeSelf-sacrifice
Can be drainingEnergy
Selfish and possessiveKind and generous
With desireTrust
Breaks upForgive
Forgets about lifeMakes a better life
Tear youHeal you

What is Crush?

Crush is an intense and brief obsession for a person. In most cases, the person is inappropriate and unattainable. It is a short-term passion that lasts after some time. The feelings are instantaneous, like love at first night. A person sees and desires for himself; feelings do not grow with time instead comes at that instant. Crushes are fascinating but end soon.

Crushes think about the ideas of people like another person who has a secure status in society, or he is rich if both look great in a couple. It demands a perfect life together. Crushes involve obsession and irrational behavior. Sometimes, the thinking of crushes creates a risky situation. The attraction is the basis of crush; people look towards the physical attributes.

Crush means you cannot get that person. People even do not about that person, but due to his beauty creates a crush on them.

What is Love?

Love is a deep feeling of affection in a shared relationship between two persons. It is an emotional and mental state of mind that leads to the secretion of chemicals in the brain. Love can be positive or negative. The way of kindness, generosity, affection, compassion, and sound feelings shows that it is positive. Sometimes we encounter with its vice versions like egotism, hate, anger, and selfishness.

Love is a form that keeps human beings together and helps the continuation of species. The ancient philosopher has described five ways of love: romantic love, platonic love, familial love, guest love, and divine love.

Modern studies describe many types of love empty love, compassionate love, self-love, infatuated love, and courtly love. Love has different meanings in varied aspects. Love is a definite feeling that is in contrast with hate. Love is more towards emotions and less sexually intimate. Love is a romantic attachment; it is not lust. Love is an experience of the feeling of one person for the other. Love is mortal; it dies with the death of a person.

In biology, love is considered as a mammalian drive, the same as the thirst for hunger. An anthropologist Helen Fisher divides love into three stages lust, attraction, and attachment. Lust is a desire for sex that leads to mating accompanied by the release of hormones like testosterone and estrogen. The attraction is more based on the romantic desire for mating to a specific individual. Attachment is a bond between two people that results in long-lasting relationships.

Key Differences

  1. Crush means attraction for a person, whereas love is a feeling of care and sacrifices.
  2. Crush creates instant feeling; conversely, the emotions of love grows slowly.
  3. Crush is a relationship that lasts after some months, while love stays for a long period.
  4. A crush can lead to a risky condition of irrational behavior, whereas love is only kindness and affection.
  5. A crush can be made by seeing physical attributes like income, status in society, body figure; on the other hand, love is a deep bond in which nothing matters.
  6. Crushes are stalking, where people rarely understand one another; on the flip side, love stands for understanding.
  7. Crush is named as an innocent form of lust, whereas love is a kind of virtue.
  8. Crushes are attracted to styles, and figures; conversely, love lies somewhere deep in the soul.
  9. Crushes do not necessarily demand the chemistry of two persons; while in love, the chemistry matches.
  10. Crush is forgettable after passing some time; on the other hand, love always remains in the heart.
  11. Crush is always one-sided attraction; on the flip side, love is two-sided.
  12. Crush does not stop watching porn; conversely, love has the power to overcome the porn watching.
  13. Crush is daydreaming, just flying off the stomach, whereas love is reality, something more beautiful than love.
  14. Crushes are unknown persons; conversely, in love, people know about all bad and good things after it loves one another.
  15. Crush does not sacrifice, whereas love is the name of self-sacrifice, where one person forgets himself for his love.
  16. Crush is irritating; on the flip side, love is a source of energy.
  17. Crush is possession and selfishness; on the other side, the feelings of love are kindness and generosity.
  18. Crush grows with desire, while love is based on trust and understanding.
  19. Crush breaks up at a minor mistake; on the other hand, love can forgive for mistakes.
  20. Crush is fascinating in which a person forgets about his life and responsibilities; on the flip side, love improves life.
  21. Crushes wear persons; conversely, love heals all sorrows.
  22. Crushes have childish behavior in relationships; conversely, love is a mature relationship.
  23. Crushes involve undefined persons, while love is only for a specific person.
  24. Crushes are shallow; on the other hand, love is deep.


Crush and love are both emotions of a person. Crush is an intense brief obsession based on the physical attributes of a person and stays for a short period. Love is a sincere feeling of care that is deep and long-lasting.

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