Difference Between Complementary vs. Complimentary


Main Difference

The words of the Complementary and complimentary are used by and large but it is a matter of open reality that they both are confusing with one another because both of them are very similar in nature even though they are different from each other. From the term of complement, we mean to complete something, make some enhancement in it, increasing something, or bringing anything in the ideal way and adding perfection it. You can understand the meaning of complement easily by using the wording like these shoes are complement your dress or you and your spouse are complement each other. But, on the other hand, the meaning of compliment is rather difficult that can be understood with the wording in which you give praise to any person or thing. So if you utilize the praising wording to someone such as by saying that John has a very nice dog which means that it is a compliment for both John and his dog. The utilization of these two words can be seen as nouns as well where the meanings will be easily recognized from the senses of verb. In order to identify the meaning of the Complementary, we have to check the sentence meaning as it should be used in such a manner that the sense of the completeness, addition, or completion of the idealism must be the outcome. The use of the Complimentary will show you the some meaning of have a high regard for any person or item which is used as a courtesy.


What is Complementary?

The words or sentence can said to be complementary if it gives you the sense of completing a definite feature related to a person or object. The use of the complementary has the characteristic of enhancing or emphasizing the quality or the qualities of one another because it generally contains one thing and the other thing is adding something positive for both of these things. In the case of complementary, adding of one thing makes the other aspect improved or more pleasant. It has the ability to indicate two or more things which come in front of you in the form of adding something positive sense for one another. The sentence based on the feature of the Complementary may also represent mutually covering the shortage of each others lack. For instance, he wears a dress with a complementary pair of shoes. In this example, this is the addition of the pair of shoes which perfectly matches the dress of that dress and improves its quality by highlighting it.


What is Complimentary?

The term of the complimentary can be recognized in any sentence easily if it expresses the praise or high regard towards any person or thing. The complimentary may be defined as given free and positive as a courtesy or favor. To understand the meaning of the complimentary, have a look on the example

  • The Chief Guest received complimentary thanks.

In this sentence, the Chief Guest is received thanks in addition to praise from the audience.

The sentences where the actual meaning will show you the understanding of providing anything free of cost are known to be the complimentary sentences.

  • A complimentary drink is given to every member of the club.

In this sentence, the drink is offered to the members of the club.


Key Differences

  1. The term of the Complementary gives you the sense of the completion in the specific aspect in the way which must add the factor of enhancement or highlight the quality or the qualities of one another. While with the term of the Complimentary means, we usually mean the ideology of expressing the praise or being grateful towards any person or thing.
  2. We can say that the Complementary has been used in the sentence where two or more things have to go in an ideal way with one another. The use of the Complimentary may also provide you the meaning of giving anything free of charge.

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