Chastity Rings vs. Purity Rings

Main Difference

Have you ever listened about the chastity rings and purity rings? Do you know that these rings will be going to show your inner personality image to others? Some of the people who are not aware from the concept of the purity and chastity rings they would surely be taking it as ordinary decorative rings. But the story does not end up here! Below we will have a detail discussion about the concepts of chastity rings and purity rings for the readers! All over the world the percentage of the child abuse, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse and rates of increasing the divorces along with free sex is getting very much common among the people. It would not be wrong to say that its percentage is getting increase day by day. This is the spot where the emergence of chastity and purity rings came into existence. The only difference that is found in between these rings is that they are mostly selected by the women who think that they are virgin. This ring is the main mark of how much pure they are and about their inside feelings. On the other side of the story purity rings are much in demand in the women of US. This let the other people get some idea that they want to stay away from all such kind of the evil practices. In short they give others with idea that how much pure their thoughts are. In the western countries these rings holds the basic importance among the women. There is not much difference that is figure out in between these two rings as both of them are known out to be the synonyms of each other. But here we would like to mention one point! Well this was the complete review about the chastity rings and purity rings among the women! Each one of the ring has its own value and importance as we cannot figure out anyone of them to be worst for the society! Which one of the ring will you support first?

Chastity Rings vs. Purity Rings — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Chastity Rings and Purity Rings

Chastity Rings vs. Purity Rings

You can just wear the chastity rings to keep a promise with yourself to stay chaste and the pure ring is a promise to stay pure.

Chastity Rings vs. Purity Rings

Some of the designs of the purity rings are included with the crosses as a symbol of Christianity. In simple we would say that both the rings are used to give away the impression to others about the inside feelings and intentions.

Chastity Rings vs. Purity Rings

In the western countries although the rings might have the same meaning but for other cultures they do take it as an insane concept.

Chastity Rings vs. Purity Rings

Besides creating some rings it would be best enough to implement with some laws and actions to stop such kind of evil and worse deeds.


Comparison Chart

Chastity RingsPurity Rings
You can just wear the chastity rings to keep a promise with yourself to stay chasteThe pure ring is a promise to stay pure.
Designs of the purity rings are included with the crosses as a symbol of ChristianityHas no religious association
SteelSteel and even plastic in some cases

Definition of Chastity Rings

The concept of the chastity rings was started for the first time in 90’s era. This ring was chosen first by the teenagers just to let the whole world know that how much evil is their mind. It was basically the sign to other people that they are all available for the evil actions and practices. It was hence introduced and advocated in the society by Christian club. They used to praise all those women who used to wear these rings just to keep them away from the vulgar actions and deeds. Even the parents were involved to present such rings to their daughters. But that was just a way to damage the personality of any daughter by the hands of their own parents. Shortly we would say that wearing the chastity rings can indirectly spoil the whole image of the women in front of the society. You can find such rings in varieties of designs and styles from which you can search for the represents your personality and image in better way.

Definition of Purity Rings

Coming to the next we have a talk about the purity rings! This ring has the main purpose to implicate out the pure image of the women. Through this ring they let others get the idea that they are not at all interested in any kind of sexual deeds. It is said to be very much common and in demand among the American teenagers. You will be going to find that much of the purity rings are set with the crosses designs of Christianity that shows how pure you are. Some of the women even use this ring to be a promise with themselves just to keep them away from the sex and will maintain their virginity. In this way as if someone will grab the sign of this ring they will not be able to do any kind of the sexual abuse and harassment with any women forcefully.


There are many terms which mean similar to each other but have very different meaning, this is the reason this article helps in making sure people are able to understand what they actually mean and what are the key points which make them different from each other, hopefully, people will be able to clear their mind about it.