Primary Difference A computer completes when many components come together to form a device, each one of them has own significance and the way they make things happen. The two most important parts getting discussed in this article are CPU and ALU, they get known as Central Processing Unit and the Arithmetic Logic Unit. The […]

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Tablet vs. PDA

Primary Difference Touchscreen devices have become prevalent in our lives and the days of the keyboard, and bigger sized objects are long gone. That said, several types of new tools have become part of the market and make a choice difficult for the person who wants to buy. This article looks at the two main […]

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Cable Modem vs. Router

Primary Difference Accessing the internet and staying online is something we do with the help of just a few clicks but there is a lot that goes behind the scenes to ensure that everything stays in order. Cable Modem and Router are two essential tools that help us in getting access but have their uses […]

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Spreadsheet vs. Workbook

Primary Difference While the computer is a valuable tool to have but it does not have the capacity to do wonders for people who are using it if there are no devices present. One of the major tools that are used by individuals to perform tasks on the computer is that they have to enter […]

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Input Devices vs. Output Devices

Primary Difference Using computer may seem an easy task because of the tools that are attacked with the device and helps in managing the system properly. But when it comes to knowing about them and how they work, such devices are categorized as input and output devices. Both of them have functions different yet similar […]

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Computer vs. Calculator

Primary Difference Electronic devices have become a critical part of our lives, and people depend on them for the purpose of collecting information and solving problems. The two most important tools in this category are a computer and calculator that have made our lives easier. Their differences become clearer through the definition and go as […]

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Impact Printer vs. Non-Impact Printer

Primary Difference Difference between Impact Printer and Non-Impact Printer is that Impact Printer prints characters or images by striking print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon and Non-Impact Printer prints characters and images without striking the papers. Comparison Chart Impact Printer Non ImpactPrinter Working Work by banging the needle placed inside it on the […]

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Network vs. Internet

Primary Difference Computers and their systems are complicated in their way, and it gets doubly tough when you have to know about two terms related to this subject that act already used in the regular language. The ones discussed adequately in this article are Network and Internet, they may seem different from each other, and […]

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Memory vs. Hard Disk

Primary Difference A computer architecture is a complex system and there are many terms which although look very similar, but are different from each other with the slightest of variations. There are many devices used in a computer hardware which performs several functions but is related to each other and two such devices are known […]

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Gadget vs. Widget

Primary Difference There are many trends on the internet which are followed by people without knowing much about them. Some of them are very useful for the ones who have a keen interest in the world of internet and have websites of other blogs to promote their stuff, similarly, others just use the internet for […]

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Multimedia vs. Hypermedia

Primary Difference The world of computer and internet has introduced several phenomena which were unknown to the people in the past, with this it brings many different terms which have been unknown to people and they get confused with the ones which seem similar to them. Such terms are then used for one thing while […]

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Doc vs. Docx

Primary Difference A computer is used for several purposes and one of the main ones these days has become the documentation. Many companies do their paperwork on these devices where work can be saved in a proper manner and can be typed down in relative formats. This work can be in the form of different […]

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Hard Disk vs. RAM

Primary Difference Components of a computer as abundant in number and perform different tasks. All the parts of a computer are essential and play an important role in the working of the system. Some parts are visible to the person who is using the computer while other parts are hidden from the naked eye, therefore, […]

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C vs. C#

Primary Difference There are different computer languages which are present for the user to create different programs and application which can benefit other people and also to develop the computer platform more and more with the addition of latest software. Few of the most common used languages include C, C++ and C# which have been […]

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Browsing vs. Surfing

Primary Difference The Internet is a wide world and most people use it to obtain the information they require. This information can be in different forms or about anything which may be of interest to the user or they stumble upon it out of nowhere. How to look for the information depends on the person. […]

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Primary Difference There are different ways to differentiate between a graphic user interface and one simple way of doing this is to see how many options on the screen can be showed at a single time. There are two different types of interface designs which are in use that handle the documents on a computer […]

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Notepad vs. WordPad

Primary Difference There is always the need of typing something down or noting information when a person is using the computer. There are different options for that, some people even download some application which helps in that such as Microsoft Word, the most popular software in this regard. But most of us, when having to […]

E-Commerce vs. E-Business

Primary Difference The word e-commerce is the abbreviation of electronic commerce and e-business is electronic business. E-commerce is the part of e-business. In e-commerce people make transactions by buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. While in e-business the business is done on the internet. The types of e-commerce include b2b, b2c, […]

Computer File vs. Manual File

Primary Difference Manual files are hand-written whether it’s on paper or computer regarding anything whereas computer files are made through typing. When it comes to storage, manual files are always stored in hard copy in the form of files or papers in different places while on the other hand computer files are stored in soft […]

Ruby on Rails vs. Catalyst

Main Difference There are different web development frameworks available in the market which is being used to create different application and run programs. Two such frameworks are Ruby on Rails and Catalyst, which are used to write codes for the apps which are required, and this is done in a simpler way through these structures. […]

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Abstraction vs. Encapsulation

Main Difference Computer Programming is a vast field, and there are many terms which although are from general language but have different meanings in this technical software. Two similar names are called encapsulation and abstraction. In broad expressions abstraction is the process of removing an item from a set of others, for example, we remove […]

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Internet vs. Intranet vs. Extranet

Main Difference The World Wide Web is a platform where millions of people come every day in search of information. Most of the times they come across different terms which confuse them and one central point of discussion for an ordinary person is the difference between internet, intranet and extranet. These terms seem to be […]

PC vs. Mac

Main Difference PC and Mac always confuse the 21st century’s tech users. Though both are computers, there are several differences between them and they vary in many features. First of all, PC is the product of Microsoft while Mac is powered by Apple. As a matter of fact, the mouse we perform many difficult tasks […]

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IPv4 vs. IPv6

Main Difference IPv4 and IPv6 are type of internet protocol that is a set of technical rules usually defines how computer connects and communicates over a network. Both IPv6 and IPv6 are the current to version of internet protocol. The main difference between these two IPs is the number of IP addresses and the address […]