NTSC stands for National Television System Committee. It is color encoding system that is responsible for setting up the visual quality and graphics of the content viewed on the TV. It is usually for the analog television. PAL stands for Phase Alternation by Line. All around the world these two systems are used for making […]

Laptop vs. Notebook

Laptop and Notebook both are the portable types of modern computers. Both are quite similar regarding shape and usage but different by price, smartness, size and portability. Laptops are precisely better regarding stronger hardware and overall performance whereas a notebook is often focused towards moreover on the entertainment and portability. The major difference between a […]

DC Motor vs. DC Generator

Electricity has become an integral part of our daily lives. Most of the things we do and the devices that we use are dependent on electricity. For using power, there are different tools which help in making it favorable for personal use. Two such methods which are most commonly used are known as generators and […]

Graphic Card vs. Video Card

There are many components of a computer, and one of the main ones is the motherboard. It is not an isolated part of the machine but has many other components connected to it such as RAM, processor, and others. This helps in the computer to work under the desired conditions and gives the people who […]

DC Motor vs. AC Motor

More often than not people are confused about the difference between AC and DC motor while even professionals are sometimes unsure about the utilization of these two types of motors. The primary function of both types of motors is same, and they work to provide the same output. There is no comparison between the two […]

Blow Dryer vs. Hair Dryer

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds, and new innovations in all fields of life are being introduced, Women and their fashion are an integral part of society, and many different types of equipment is being used for fashion and other purposes. Two types of accessories which are frequently used are blow dryer and hair dryer. […]

Microprocessor vs. Microcontroller

Both these terms related to computer and are frequently being used in the world of technology. However, these terms confuse the users of technology across the world and are taken to be the same by many. In order to address the similarities and differences between these two, we have detailed the explanation of microcontroller and […]


As modern technology has been providing number of novel tools and devices to facilitate lives of twenty-first centuries’ people, sometimes few items correlate to confuse the consumers. The same is the case with LED and LCD. Both are terms used for a display machine being used as an upgraded form of the Television. First of […]