Natural Selection vs. Artificial Selection

The difference between natural selection and artificial selection is that natural selection is the natural process of selection of organisms whereas artificial selection is the artificial process of selection of desired organisms. The world has changed a lot; many new mechanisms have been introduced for the advancement and ease of human. Natural selection is the […]

River vs. Creek

Around 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered by water, and oceans possess around 96.5 percent of the whole Earth water. Sea, river, lakes, creeks, ponds including oceans circulate Earth’s water to revive the living on planet. While differentiating in between river and creek, one doesn’t need any official or scientific guidelines as one of […]

Sea vs. Ocean

Many people use the terms sea and ocean thinking they are the same thing, but there are major differences between them. To understand the way in which they differ, we need to look at their definition. Both the terms are considered synonyms of each other which are not entirely accurate. Ocean is a large part […]

Cyclone vs. Tsunami

Both the natural phenomena can engulf uncountable lives when hit the residential areas, although their mechanism isn’t same even their point of actions aren’t same even that they are closely allied with each other. The main reason behind it is the mechanism of Cyclone at the tropical region, as it mostly over here begins from […]