Boiling Point vs. Melting Point

Boiling Point and Melting point are the terms related to the change of state of matter as both of them are the temperatures when intermolecular forces are weaken and with increase in kinetic energy molecules are set to change their state of matter. Melting point is the temperature when solid starts converting into liquid. For […]

Ionic Compounds vs. Molecular Compounds

Compound is recognized as a substance that is formed when two or more elements combine together in definite proportions through a chemical bond. Ionic compound is the compound formed due to electrostatic force of attraction between the metals and non-metals. Usually, the ionic compounds appear in a sold crystalline state. Furthermore, Ionic compounds are good […]

Dark Matter vs. Dark Energy

Our universe is comprised of billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars, many planets, suns, moons and other cosmic materials. These stars produce so much energy that travels across the universe at the speed of light. Yet, whatever matter is known to us in the universe is only four percent of the total mass […]

Compound vs. Mixture

Two terms which are frequently used in chemistry are compound and mixture, they are similar yet different from each other, and their differences will be stated in the following lines in detail to understand them in a better way. There are many definitions of these two terms which can be confusing but to explain them […]

Mass vs. Weight

Though Wight is needed to be measured in order to find out Mass of an object, there is a difference between both of these. Mass is defined as a property of a physical body to determine the strength of its mutual gravitational appealing to other bodies. Mass and Weight are often used interchangeably in everyday […]

Dot Product vs. Cross Product

The Dot and Cross product are most widely used terms in mathematics and engineering. They both have many applications. A Dot and Cross product vary largely from each other. The major difference between both the products is that dot product is a scalar product, it is the multiplication of the scalar quantities whereas vector product […]