Attitude vs. Behavior

Main Difference The main difference between attitude and behavior is that the attitude reflects our mind´s predisposition about certain people, values, ideas and system etc. while our behavior involves the actual action in response to a stimulus orally or in the form of body language. Attitude vs. Behavior Each person in this world is different […]

Hearing vs. Listening

Key Difference The key difference between hearing and listening is that the hearing is simply a subconscious activity of perceiving sound by the ear while listening is a proper way of receiving sound by full attention and carefully understanding it. Hearing vs. Listening Hearing and listening are two activities related to the use of ear. […]

Larceny vs. Theft

Main Difference The main difference between larceny and theft is that larceny means unlawful taking other persons personal property whereas theft refers to the illegal taking of other person’s money, properties, personal identification. Larceny vs. Theft Larceny and theft are thought to be two different words having the same meaning; they have the same meaning […]

School Counselor vs. School Psychologist

Main Difference The difference between a school counselor and school psychologist is that school counselor focuses on the students having a less severe mental illness whereas school psychologist concentrates on the students having a severe mental illness. School Counselor vs. School Psychologist Students at schools are mostly depressed because they usually are going through many […]

Social Psychology vs. Sociology

Main Difference The difference between social psychology and sociology is that social psychology is the study of how people behave in public whereas sociology is the study of critical issues of society. Social Psychology vs. Sociology Many people do not understand the difference between social psychology and sociology because they seem to be the same […]

Bullying vs. Teasing

Key Difference: The difference between bullying and teasing is that bullying means to hurt or harm someone seriously whereas teasing means to be playful with someone but it can also hurt sometimes. Bullying vs Teasing People think that bullying and teasing is one term, but there is a lot of difference between bullying and teasing, […]

Love vs. Lust

Main Difference The difference between love and lust is that love is intense and pure feelings for someone whereas lust is just the desire of physical relationship with another person. Love vs. Lust There are types of relationships, the relationship you have with your parents and your siblings that is a relation of blood, then […]

Empathy vs. Sympathy

Main Difference Empathy and Sympathy are the two psychological terms which are often confused and mixed up together due to their almost similar origin, simultaneous use and depiction of similar matter. Empathy and Sympathy both terms are originated from the Greek term páthos which refer to the feelings, emotions, travail, suffering, etc. Both these words […]

I Love You vs. Love You

Main Difference In our daily lives, we often come up with different phrases to express our feelings to the specific people or about the certain object. These phrases are formal and informal in nature; it totally depends on the person we are communicating with. To show the affection to the person we are emotionally attached […]

Fear vs. Phobia

Main Difference The terms phobia and fear are used interchangeably as both stands for the discomfort or irritation of the person after they come across some specific incident, happening, material or even person. The fear is something that is general and is exclusive to around everyone. On the other hand, a phobia is a medical […]

Infatuation vs. Love

Main Difference People are often confused about their feelings and are unable to differentiate that whether they have developed a temporary passionate affection for someone or it is long lasting love. One is not having proper knowledge of Infatuation usually mix it up with love, but in actual, the concept of both is different and […]

Baptist vs. Lutheran

Main Difference Lutheran and Baptist are two of the major Christianity sub-sects which fall under the umbrella of one of the major divisions of this religion called Protestant. Both these sects are considered as the reformists as they voiced in against the ill-practices of Church and tried to change them with the better one. The […]

Celibacy vs. Abstinence

Main Difference Celibacy is the term that refers to voluntarily avoiding marriage and sexual activities for the sake of moral, ethical and religious values. Abstinence is the self-imposed avoidance and restriction from anything that provides inclination and indulges body into pleasure. Abstinence, most of the time, refers to sexual abstinence, which means a person willingly […]

Hinduism vs. Buddhism

Main Difference Hinduism and Buddhism both are ancient religions that are followed and practiced by billions of people all around the world. As both of these religions originated in the Indian Subcontinent, they are often mixed up together. There are many similarities between the two religions, yet they are different. The basic difference between Hinduism […]

Body Language vs. Paralanguage

Main Difference The exchanging of information is called communication, and it can be done in dozens of way. Most primarily we use verbal communication to exchange the information, though nonverbal communication equally serves the purpose. When it is about non-verbal communication, one needs to know its two important types, Body Language and Paralanguage. Body language […]

Comedy vs. Tragedy

Main Difference Literature is one of the richest heritage from one generation to another or from one era to another. One can examine the happenings in a certain time with knowing about the literature of that time. Comedy and Tragedy are two famous genres of literature which aim to reflect and educate the society with […]

Arbitration vs. Mediation

Main Difference Arbitration is also termed as ADR (alternative dispute resolution) where the conflicts or disputes are resolves outside the court. Whereas mediation can be termed as an assisted negotiation and communication between two parties for reaching a certain agreement. Arbitrations are considered as consensual which means that it only takes place when both parties […]