Envy vs. Jealousy

Envy is the feeling for getting something that belongs to somebody else while jealousy is the feeling of fear that someone will take away something that belongs to you. Both are different terms and make you to feel inadequate. If you want to have the car of your neighbor, it is envy. If your neighbor […]

Its vs. It’s

It’s and Its are different terms and cannot be used alternatively. It’s is used for “It has” or “It is” while Its is the possessive form of it. If we have to say “It has been a long time we gathered here” can be said as “It’s been a long time we gathered here”. If […]

Enquiry vs. Inquiry

Enquiry and Inquiry are used interchangeably but have difference among them. Enquiry is used to get some information, in a formal way of asking. While Inquiry is used for investigation, which is a deeper word than enquiry. Enquiry is the noun of enquire used commonly in British English. Inquiry is the noun of inquire used […]

Further vs. Farther

Further and farther are commonly considered to be same in sense but are slightly different in meanings. Farther is used for the physical distance between two things. Further is the non-physical distance or for figurative distance. We can say how much your school is farther from this building?. This is the physical distance. When we […]

Where vs. Were

“Where” and “Were” seems to be associated nonetheless are two completely totally different phrases. Spell as successfully the pronunciation of every phrases are completely totally different from each other. “Where” is a adverb pointing to a spot or place of a person or an element. “Were” is the plural earlier tense of “are”. “Were” is […]

Loyal vs. Faithful

The main difference between the words loyal and faithful is mainly of the intensity and the attributes that carry along with the two terms. The term loyal refers to the affiliation and allegiance towards someone or something i.e. people, organization, sect, country, etc. on the basis of returned benefit and assistance. Whereas the term faithful […]