Category: Drinks & Beverages

Beer vs. Lager

The main difference between the Beer and Lager is that Beer is a warm, top-fermenting drink with moderate to high-calorie content, whereas Lager is cold, bottom-fermenting drink with high-calorie content….

Smoothie vs. Milkshake

The main difference between the Smoothie and Milkshake is that Smoothie is made of yogurt, vegetables, and raw fruits, whereas Milkshake includes dairy ingredients with enough milk. Smoothie is a…

Rum vs. Whiskey

The main difference between rum and whiskey is that rum is a spirit distilled from byproducts of sugarcane or molasses, whereas whiskey is a distilled spirit fermented from grain mash….

Rum vs. Brandy

The main difference between Rum and Brandy is that the rum is made from sugarcane juice or its by-products and brandy is made by distilling wine. The main difference between…

Whiskey vs. Rye

Whiskey often spelled as whisky is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks which are consumed across the globe. This beverage is made up with fermenting the grains like corn,…

Cappuccino vs. Latte

Cappuccino and Latte both are the two famous kinds of Coffee drinks that are daily consumed by millions worldwide. People often mix up these two different coffee drinks as they…

Milkshake vs. Malt

Milkshake and malt are two of the famous soda fountain beverages which are loved by people around across the globe. These easy to be prepared drinks are popular every now…

Sprite vs. 7UP

The main difference between Sprite and 7UP is that Sprite uses sodium salt in its preparation whereas potassium salt is being used in 7UP preparation. Cold drinks are one of…

Cider vs. Juice

Cider is a sort of alcoholic beverage derived from fermented juice of apples. Juice is a liquid squeezed from various fruits and even vegetables. In order to understand what really…

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