Internal Communication vs. External Communication

The main difference between internal communication and external communication is that internal communication is when the members of an organization, exchange ideas within the organization while external communication occurs outside the organization with other people or business entities. The goal of internal communication is to exchange information or ideas between the members of a particular […]

Management vs. Administration

The main difference between management and administration is that management is the act or purpose of putting into practice the policies and strategies determined by the administration while the administration set up the goals and crucial policies for the company. Management Administration An organized way of managing people and things of a business organization is […]

Public Sector vs. Private Sector

When one is searching for the jobs, he usually came across the terms public sector and private sector, which are the type of organizations or companies working in the country. A layman often confuses it to differentiate between both these terms as they are interconnected, although the economic expert can easily distinguish between them. For […]

Leadership vs. Management

A good business owner must possess the qualities of leadership and management both. For an effective business these qualities should hand in hand because they complement each other but, considering them separately both have different qualities and nature. The term leadership means the ability to motivate, lead and direct their followers or team members in […]