Decriminalization vs. Legalization

The difference between legalization and decriminalization is that legalization means that a law or a product that was previously not allowed or prohibited is no more restricted. On the other hand, decriminalization means that there would be no certain charge on a certain act but still would be considered as an illegal act. Legalization and […]

Agreement vs. Contract

Agreement and Contract are often considered as same as they are used simultaneously. In real these both terms are totally different and possess their particular meanings. An agreement is an arrangement, collaboration or pact between two parties or individuals that are informal in nature and is not at all enforced by law. On the other […]

Debtors vs. Creditors

To maintain the supply-demand circle is the tiresome task for the companies with bearing the business risk at the same time. To get their business on track, the retailers need to have the wide range of products available all the times in their shelves. To fulfill the heavy demand, it often becomes difficult for the […]

Pvt Ltd Company vs. Public Ltd Company

The association of persons makes up the company, although there can be the different type of companies, which are distinguishable from each other on the basis of the shareholding policy and the certification they got for approval. The number of members including the directors of that company tells about the type of the company. The […]

Savings Account vs. Current Account

In today’s corporate world the life without the banking system is not the very progressive for the individuals, organizations, and firms. The bank offers dozens of facilities to the account holder so the people can do various tasks through their accounts while just resting at the luxuries of their houses. Whenever someone not having knowledge […]

Lease vs. Rent

Even today world’s most of the population doesn’t own their homes, so they rent or lease the apartments or houses to carry on the life cycle. People often use the terms. Lease and rent interchangeably as they think they are synonymous with each other, but that is not the case as they have a defined […]