Bullmastiff vs. English Mastiff

Both, Bullmastiff and English Mastiff are the large sized dog breeds of English origin. With even many of the other similarities, both the breeds can easily be differentiated. There are many other known mastiff breeds which they are often compared with. Some of the famous mastiff breeds are Argentinian Mastiff, Brazilian Mastiff, French Mastiff, and […]

Akita vs. Shiba Inu

Both are the ancient dogs of Japanese origin, recognized as the oldest dog breeds in history. Inu is the word used for dog in Japanese, though these dogs are called Akita Inu and Shiba Inu, though their names without the addition of Inu even makes them recognizable. Both the dogs are immensely popular worldwide, apart […]

American Bulldog vs. American Pit Bull

They are often confused as the similar type of dogs due to some similarities in their physical appearances, though one familiar with them can never get mess up between both of them as simply by looking at their head and snouts one can differentiate between them. The American Bulldog’s have large block head with a […]

Irish Wolfhound vs. Scottish Deerhound

With long height and heavy bodies, Irish Wolfhound and Scottish Deerhound possesses many similarities, though both these are pre-historic dogs, with difference in place of origin and also in body features. Irish Wolfhound belong to the group of sighthounds, they are regarded as one of the largest dog breeds measuring in between 28-35 inches (71-90 […]