Difference Between Box and DropBox


Main Difference

Box and DropBox are two types of cloud based data storage and file sharing services for business and personal purposes. These services allows the users to store their important data in cloud and minimized the chances of losing the data. The main difference between Box and DropBox is that Box is available for only smartphones (however website can be access from MS Windows, Linux and Mac) while DropBox is available for MS Windows, OS X, and Linux in addition to smartphones.

What is Box?

Box is an online storage data storage platform for industries and businesses that provides the services of file-sharing, collaborating, and other tools for working with files that are uploaded in the Box. It is up to user to select how much data he want to share with other users. Users can also invite others to view and edit shared files, upload documents and photos to a shared folders and give other users rights to view shared files. It offers three types of accounts mainly: Starter @ $9/mo/user, Business @ $17/mo/user, and Enterprise (contact with company). Depending on the package, accounts provide teams of people, storage space, maximum file size uploading, document encryption, MS Office 365 integration, custom branding, workflow automation, metadata, user management, advanced user and security reports, etc.


What is DropBox?

In September 2008, DropBox Inc. launched its file hosting service by the name of DropBox. It is online storage service for all kind of data storage like images, documents, videos and files. You can access to your files through desktop DropBox, phones or from its official website. You can also share all your stuff to your friends and family. Making team projects become very easy through DropBox. At that time DropBox is offering 2GB free space to all its users. You can also get more space up to 16 GB through its referral scheme. More space is also available according to price package. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire.


Key Differences

  1. Box provides up to 10 GB storage space free for personal accounts. DropBox offers 2 GB free space only, however, it can be increased up to 16 GB in total by the referral scheme of DropBox.
  2. Box has three paid plans: Starter @ $9/mo/user, Business @ $17/mo/user, and Enterprise (contact with company). DropBox has two paid plans: DropBox Pro @ $9.9/mo, and DropBox for Business @ $15/mo/user.
  3. DropBox is cheaper and provides larger space as compare to Box.
  4. Box is available for only smartphones while DropBox is available for MS Windows, OS X, and Linux in addition to smartphones.
  5. Speed of DropBox in accessing and sharing data is much better than Box.
  6. Maximum 5 GB file size is limit in case of file uploading in Box. While there is no restriction of file size in case of DropBox either you save file through desktop or mobile. There is only restriction of 10 GB, if you upload your file through official website.
  7. Box was launched in 2005. DropBox was launched in 2008.
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