Internal Communication vs. External Communication

Main Difference The main difference between internal communication and external communication is that internal communication is when the members of an organization, exchange ideas within the organization while external communication occurs outside the organization with other people or business entities. Internal Communication vs. External Communication The goal of internal communication is to exchange information or […]

Invention vs. Innovation

Main Difference The main difference between invention and innovation is that while the invention is an act of designing, discovering or creating a new process, product, device or method; innovation is transforming or updating an existing product, device, method or process in order to enhance its value. Invention vs. Innovation The invention is a novel […]

5W30 vs. 10W40

Main Difference The main difference between 5W30 and 10W40 is of viscosity. 5W30 have the viscosity of 5 at low temperature and 30 at high. On the flip side 10W40 have the viscosity of 10 at low temperature and 40 at high. 5W30 vs. 10W40 Motor oil is one of the most essential elements of […]

Sadistic vs. Masochistic

Main Difference The main difference between Sadistic and Masochist is that a Sadistic person feels pleasure in hurting the sexual partner whereas Masochist person feels pleasure in getting hurt by the sexual partner. Sadistic vs. Masochistic Sadistic and Masochistic are those two intermixed and confused terminologies used for sexual disorders. Basically, these two words are […]

Wolf vs. Husky

Main Difference Husky is a famous dog breed found in Northern arctic regions of the world. Due to its physical appearance and body coat, Husky is often mixed up with a Wolf. Wolf is a wild animal whereas Husky is a domestic dog. Wolf is the largest member of the canine family and is found […]

Family vs. Families

Main Difference The English language can be really confusing at times and especially when it comes to similar words. Similar words often have different meanings but due to their structure, spelling, and pronunciation, they seem to be the same. Family and Families are two different words of English language with different meanings and usage, but […]


Main Difference Hospital, in general, have a variety of units based on a specific purpose. Apart from regular rooms and ward admissions, critical patients are either shifted to ICU or a CCU. ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit while CCU stands for Cardiac Care Unit or Coronary Care Unit. Both these terms interrelate in order […]

SUV vs. MUV vs. XUV

Main Difference SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, MUV stands for Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle and XUV stand for Crossover Utility Vehicle. All these are different terms used by various car vendor all around the world to denote the car type based on its appearance and basic built purpose. SUV is the most famous term used […]

To vs. Too vs. Two

Main Difference To, Too and Two are English language words that have the same pronunciation, but they all possess totally different meaning. These words are homonym or homophones of each other. The word ‘To’ is preposition that is used before a noun and points out the direction towards something. ‘Too’ is an adverb that shows […]

Encryption vs. Decryption

Main Difference Encryption is method or process of converting or changing normal data into various sorts of programming based codes so that any unauthorized third party can not access it. Whereas Decryption is the process of converting that coded form of data again into the readable or normal form in which it was originally meant […]

Bloods vs. Crips

Main Difference Bloods is one of the most famous street gang in America. It is an African-American street gang founded in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in mid of 1972. Red is their symbolic color, the members of the Bloods gang wear the red color for their identification. Crips are the 1st notorious African-American […]

Ethnicity vs. Race

Main Difference Ethnicity is the social group in which people are classified by their language, culture, tradition, and nationality, Whereas Race is the social group in which people are classified on the basis of their physical traits, genetic, ancestry, and relations. Ethnicity and Race are two different kinds of social groups in which humans are […]

Bee vs. Wasp

Main Difference Bees and Wasps both belong to the similar order of Hymenoptera and phylum Arthropoda. Bees are the famous kind of small insects that are found in abundance all around the globe and are of various kinds. Honey Bee is the most common kind of bee found almost in every part of the world. […]

Adhesion vs. Cohesion

Main Difference Adhesion and cohesion are two simultaneously used terms, and both refer towards the attraction phenomena of molecules of an element or compound. These two terms are often confused and mixed up with each other as they refer to similar functionality, but in actual they are different in nature and occurrence. Adhesion refers to […]


Main Difference NTSC stands for National Television System Committee. It is color encoding system that is responsible for setting up the visual quality and graphics of the content viewed on the TV. It is usually for the analog television. PAL stands for Phase Alternation by Line. All around the world these two systems are used […]

Leather vs. Polyurethane

Main Difference The leather is one of the most famous kind of expensive raw material that is made up of tan animal skin. Cattle skin is usually involved in most of the production of leather. Various household and other products are made up from leather such as shoes, jackets, gloves, clothes, belts, etc. Original leather […]

Crow vs. Raven

Main Difference Crow and Raven both are famous birds that are often considered to be similar or even regarded as one. Although crow and raven both belong to same family and genus Corvus, they possess a lot of difference regarding their habitat, physical traits, and other characteristics. Ravens are larger in size as compare to […]

Norco vs. Vicodin

Main Difference Norco and Vicodin are two most famous and most widely used narcotics drugs all around the globe. Many are aware of their result and use but are not aware of their specific functionalities by their name as they are not that much popular among the public by their name. Norco and Vicodin are […]

Amphibian vs. Reptile

Main Difference Amphibians and Reptiles are two basics classed of living organisms. Most of the time people mixed the organism belonging from these two different classes due to their basic similarity and which is that both these classes possess cold-blooded animals. Amphibians specifically differ from the Reptiles as the organisms belonging from the Amphibian class […]

AK-47 vs. AK-74

Main Difference AK-47 and AK-74 both are the German-made assault rifles that are developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union. Both have got their names as AK as it is the initial of the Kalashnikov rifle (AK). Both these rifles belong to the same famous trademark AK family. AK-47 was developed in 1947 in […]

Laptop vs. Notebook

Main Difference Laptop and Notebook both are the portable types of modern computers. Both are quite similar regarding shape and usage but different by price, smartness, size and portability. Laptops are precisely better regarding stronger hardware and overall performance whereas a notebook is often focused towards moreover on the entertainment and portability. The major difference […]

Tornado vs. Cyclone

Main Difference Cyclone and Tornado both are the terms used for the uneven weather condition and mostly refer towards the storm causing destruction. Theses both terms are thought to be the same because of the correlation among terminologies, but they are different from each other. The major difference between a cyclone and tornado is by […]

Agreement vs. Contract

Main Difference Agreement and Contract are often considered as same as they are used simultaneously. In real these both terms are totally different and possess their particular meanings. An agreement is an arrangement, collaboration or pact between two parties or individuals that are informal in nature and is not at all enforced by law. On […]

Spotify vs. Pandora

Main Difference Spotify and Pandora are two different sort of online music streaming amenities that seems to be same but are quite different in their overall functionality. Spotify is one of the world’s most famous online music streaming service that is used by thousands of users all around the word. Due to the live music […]

Their vs. There

Main Difference Their and There are the two English language terms that are often confused together as they both are homophones. Homophones are the words which produce similar sort of sound when pronounced. Their and There are often confused also because of a slight difference in spelling and their massive usage in daily life writing. […]

Fraternal Twins vs. Identical Twins

Main Difference The offspring with similar physical appearance and getting birth together are said to be twins. Twins are of various kinds and types depending on the zygote formation and fertilization process. The fusion of female eggs with male sperms is termed as fertilization. In result of the fertilization, a zygote is formed inside the […]

Purines vs. Pyrimidines

Main Difference Purines and Pyrimidines both are organic compounds that take part in the synthesis of RNA and DNA inside the body. These both are nitrogenous bases with different sort of use as they are responsible for making different kinds of nucleotides. Other than this they take part in the regulation of body enzymes, production […]

Caucus vs. Primary

Main Difference Caucus and Primary both are the phenomena that refer towards the electing nominees for Presidential Elections in the US. In the different States of America, both these processes are practiced, and are used for choosing nominees for Presidential elections. Each state and parties in that state propose names of the nominees from the […]