Islam vs. Muslim

Main Difference Many people found it difficult to differentiate between the Islam and Muslim as both these terms are interrelated or in other words, we can say that one Muslim is the subset of the Islam. To understand both these terms, we need to get the broader concept of what the religion is. Here it […]

Tendon vs. Ligament

Main Difference The key difference between tendon and ligament is that the tendon is the connective tissue that connect muscles to the bones while ligament is the connective tissue that connect bones to bones. Tendon vs. Ligament Human beings have a well developed and properly organised structure. There are 206 bones in the human skeleton. […]

Xylem vs. Phloem

Main Difference As plants prepare their food, they have a specialized type of conductive cells that carry out the process of transportation in plants. Plants can mainly be divided into two types, based on their conductive system; vascular plants & non-vascular plants. Vascular plants are those plants which have specialized conductive cells, Xylem and Phloem. […]

Condition vs. Warranty

Main Difference The sale-purchase of the goods is not only the minute’s process; it requires time as the purchasers buy things which attract his business and then gets in contract with the seller. Mainly the stipulation or contract between the seller and buyer revolves around the two words; one is a condition, and the other […]

I Love You vs. Love You

Main Difference In our daily lives, we often come up with different phrases to express our feelings to the specific people or about the certain object. These phrases are formal and informal in nature; it totally depends on the person we are communicating with. To show the affection to the person we are emotionally attached […]

Weasel vs. Ferret

Main Difference The Weasel and Ferret are quite the same animals when it is about the shape of both these animals. Often people with no experience find it hard to differentiate it between both the mammals, which are different from each other but at the same time they are interconnected with each other. Both this […]

Citation vs. Ticket

Main Difference The rules and regulations are implemented in the country to make sure the smooth happening of different activities of life. Traffic rules are also set with similar aim to make comfort for the people traveling on the roads, highways, and streets. Different plans are organized by the state to make sure comfort traveling […]

Szechuan vs. Hunan Chicken

Main Difference One of the most ancient civilizations, Chinese is quite rich in heritage; they have their styles, customs, tradition, and even their foods. The food is also a kind of the cultural representation of the specific place. Like many other things like traditions, games, and festivals, food recipes from China are equally famous across […]

Bi-Sexual vs. Pan Sexual

Main Difference Gone are the days when people were only distinguished from one and other as male or female by their sexuality. The discrimination in sexuality is done in accordance of the sexual organs or genitals of the individual or the sensual attraction or sexual feeling towards the other genders. Other than LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, […]

Ice-Cream vs. Sherbet

Main Difference The desserts have a special designation in lives of foodies across the globe. Usually, these sweet products are made up of dairy products or have the ice as the complementary ingredient. In other words, we can say that most of the desserts are sweet and cold at the same time, which makes them […]

Spermatogenesis vs. Spermiogenesis

Main Difference In all living organism having the sexual type of reproduction, gametes are necessary. So these gametes are synthesized in the body by a special process. These processes differ from each other in opposite sexes. Different processes synthesize both male and female gametes. Male have germ cells or gametes named as sperms, while the […]

Chromosome vs. Chromatid

Main Difference Both these terms chromosomes and chromatid are used in the study of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). It should be kept mentioned that DNA is found in almost all the organisms including humans and; it is the hereditary material which is transmitted from the parents to the offspring. As their spellings are quite the same […]

Atom vs. Molecule

Main Difference Everything in this world that occupies space is defined as the matter. The matter can be further split into two main categories, pure substance or mixture. Either the mixture or the pure substance, all the matter is made up of the atom, which is the smallest particle of the chemical element. People often […]

Roll vs. Hand Roll

Main Difference Sushi is a cuisine consisting up of cooked vinegared rice that is served with fish meat, vegetables, eggs or other raw seafood. Roll and hand roll are the terms associated with the sushi; both these terms are regarding the type of sushi rolls. The sushi rolls, hand roll, and roll are different from […]

Salary vs. Wages

Main Difference Salary and wages are used interchangeably as both refer to the remuneration. Although on a keener look into both this term tells that they are quite different to each other. The salary is the fixed amount that is given after a per pay period, it can either be on monthly basis or the […]

Estrogen vs. Progesterone

Main Difference Hormones are the specific type of chemical molecules that are secreted by glands to perform the specific functions. Endocrine system of a body is a major system of the body that controls the activities of the body; it consists of endocrine glands that are located in different parts of the body, and they […]


Main Difference DNA and RNA are two types of nucleic acids found in all living cells. They both play a key role in the functioning and survival of the cell. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, whereas RNA stands for ribonucleic acid. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a self-replicating material which is present in the chromosomes […]

Sigma Bond vs. Pi Bond

Main Difference When two atoms come in interaction with each other, they form a chemical bond between them by which they are held together. So, in the field of chemistry, a thing that is used to tie or anchor things together is called the chemical bond. Chemical bonds are classified into some types, which are: […]

Light Reactions vs. Dark Reactions in Photosynthesis

Main Difference Photosynthesis is the food making process done by the organisms possessing chlorophyllous cells. Most primarily, this food making process is associated with the plants which have chlorophyllous cells in abundance. Photosynthesis process is a kind of the reverse of the process of respiration that takes place in each and every of the organism. […]

Glucocorticoids vs. Mineralocorticoids

Main Difference The adrenal cortex is one of the major endocrine glands present in the body. It is present in the kidney. This gland secretion includes glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids and sex hormones. Glucocorticoids are the group of hormones that have an effect on the metabolism of glucose via carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, and lipid metabolism. They […]

Heat vs. Temperature

Main Difference People often use the terms heat and temperature interchangeably without actually understanding between both of them. It should be kept noted that both these concepts are studied in the science, and are interrelated to each other. In other words, we can say that temperature is the subset of the heat; this can be […]

Imperialism vs. Colonialism

Main Difference Colonialism and Imperialism are the two political or social moves that refer to the gaining of the political and economic power by dominating the weaker countries. Such moves are made by the stronger countries to ensure more power and strength for themselves. Imperialism is regarded as the idea or the policy, whereas the […]