Difference Between Apple A7 and Apple A8


Main Difference

To increase the power of Apple mobile, Apple Inc. has introduced a multiple range of processors for Apple mobile on chip. They are very useful for consumer devices because they are integrated with new features, give better performance and fast speed and consumer can upgrade his RAM as well. Now we will discuss about Apple A7 and A8 processors one by one before understanding the difference between two.

What is Apple A7?

Apple A7 is the first 64-bit processor of Apple, which was used in iPhone 5S. With the development of processor iPhone 5S shows double speed and great performance than before. It is very beneficial for the users because now they are able to upgrade their RAM up to 4GB and can make their devices speed faster and can get better performance than before. Until now, Apple A7 is accepted as the fastest processor ever. Apple A7 screen size is bigger than iPhone 6. Then obviously, consumer can have a lot of fun and pleasure in seeing the large pictures and videos. Moreover 4megapixel front camera and 14megapixel back camera is also enough to double the fun. If talk about internet they will provide you with 4G technology. More battery timing will be available with a single charge.


What is Apple A8?

Apple A8 processor is the upgrade version of the Apple A7. Apple introduced this processor in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It performance is even more than Apple A7 processor. According to Apple Inc., its CPU performance is 25 %, graphic performance 50% and power performance is 50% more than Apple A7 processors. It was introduced in 9 September 2014. Almost two-time more transistor around 2 billion transistors are on the chip. They are manufactured by TSMC and their size is less than 13% of Apple A7 processors. This is also a dual core processor having 1.38 GHz frequency.

Key Differences

  1. Apple A7 processors were introduced first while Apple A8 processors are latest processors of Apple.
  2. Apple A8 processors made the performance of devices more than Apple A7 processors.
  3. Apple A8 CPU performance is 25 % more than Apple A7
  4. Apple A8 graphics performance is 50 % more than Apple A7.
  5. Apple A8 power performance is 50 % more than Apple A7.
  6. Samsung manufactured Apple A7 processors while Apple A8 processors are manufactured by TSMC.
  7. Apple A8 processors physical size is 89mm, which is less than 13% size of Apple A7 processors.
  8. There are 2 billion transistors on Apple A8 processor chip while number of transistors on Apple A7 processor are 1 billion.
  9. Apple A7 processors are 1-year-old technology while Apple A8 is recent technology launched 2 month ago.
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